Monday, 9 June 2014

Velia's block

Those who know me know I like to slather embroidery on a block like an Australian slathers sunscreen in summer. So when Velia's block arrived, with Shelly's lovely, delicate work, it was a challenge to keep my embroidery light, to keep the tone that had been set.
Shelly's work consisted of SRE, and delicate seam work with a sprinkling of transparent seed beads in matching colours. I love that kind of subtle use of seed beads, and often use it myself. Transparent seed beads are like fairy dust - a little bit of magic. They add a sparkle to the seam, elevating the stitching from ordinary (albeit lovely) to something special.

My work on Velia's block consists of a narrow seam treatment in floss and transparent beads, a wide seam treatment with SRE, and A SRE motif.

The narrow seam treatment is a stylized Wisteria, done in zigzag buttonhole, detached chain, colonial knots, and seed beads.

The wide seam treatment is a Briar Rose motif. The briar is zigzag couched floss, with detached chain leaves in floss sprinkled through. The roses are done in silk ribbon, in French knots and scroll stitch.

The SRE motif is of the Eusebia fuchsia.

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