Monday, 2 June 2014

Flora's Block

With everything that has been happening I have fallen way behind in the Round Robins, and am now frantically trying to catch up. To that end, I have finally completed Flora's block in the Flowers & Garden DYOB - yay! I hope she is happy with it.

In the top right we have stumpwork lilacs worked in silk ribbon and floss, with a gorgeous gold ladybug charm. The seam for that one is a row of long-and-short blanket stitch, with the long arms made into forget-me-nots done in seed beads. In the middle to we have a row of bluebells, and on the left the seam is done in feather stitch, with rice pearls added for flower buds. The floral patch next to that has a spider web worked in silver metallic, with the seam done in a row of herringbone topped with tiny gold daisy spacers with cream seed bead centres.
The seam under the silkie is done as alyssum - a cascade of white colonial knot flowers and green detached chain leaves. Dangling underneath is the spider that lives in the web. The bottom right corner has a foundation of lattice, with No.10 purl twisted thru it to form the climbing rose stems, and detached chain leaves and bullion buds added.

The bottom left corner I have overlaid with lace. This is one of the oldest, and most fragile of the antique laces I got in the box of laces in the post Arsenic and Old Lace... Without the Arsenic (But With the Cup of Tea). It was identified as being Point de Venise, most likely from around late 18th or early 19th century. I carefully tacked it on with gold pearl centres to the flowers and straight stitch stamens topped with pearlized milky-orange seed beeds, and straight stitch and seed beads on the lace edging. I have also added little flowers made of the same seed beads and a colonial knot to the spaces in between the edging, on the seam.

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  1. I had no idea the lace was a vintage piece I'm honored! Your work is lovely thank you so much!
    I really do love your spider!)