Friday, 21 February 2014

Susie's Block

I loved Susie's block - it was just so pretty. And Rose Anne's work on it was stunning!
Although I really prefer working with fancy threads (actually fancy threads are diabolical to work with, but the results are so worth the frustrations), because both the previous stitchers used cotton threads, I followed suit to keep a certain consistency.

On the first seam I did, I laid down a foundation row of herringbone stitch, then added detached chain 'flames' in graduating colours - dark in the first row, medium in the second, light in the third, and added a dark yellow/gold French knot at the base of each. I then accentuate the zigzag  with the dark yellow/gold in a row each of peaks and troughs above the flames. Bright gold seed beads were then added to the herringbone, and the troughs and peaks.

On the second seam, I started with a stylized vine/tree (depending on which way you look at it) in stem stitch, then added hanging fantasy flowers done in beaded Eastern stitch (thank you Sharon B. - got that one from your TAST blog). I really like the finished result on this seam, and will do it again on one of my Fairy blocks.

Only one more block to go in this RR. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for the first block of the Under The Sea RR to arrive.


  1. Your saems are very pretty!
    Love your blog, just found it (thanks to Nicki Lee).
    I used to bake my own bread and have a large kitchen garden and stitch CQ. But I have had a change now, life goes on.
    I 'll follow your blog from now :)

  2. Your work on this block is fantastic!

    I don't bake bread but my mother in law does and she always shares. it is wonderful! But I did have a huge garden back in the day and I love to put away food for the winter. :)