Tuesday, 25 February 2014

OK, Where's The Reset Button!

Well, life has a way of throwing things at one, doesn't it.
My one and only chair broke last week, so I'm now sitting on an old cane one that someone was throwing out, that is held together only by string. Can't see it lasting much longer. I was hoping to get a new(ish) one, but - oh, yay (can you hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice) - my old fridge finally gave up the ghost. I have managed to get a second hand one, but I still have to pay for it.
And now - how exciting (yes, there's that sarcasm again)  - the washing machine has died. At least the repair guy was nice and honest. When I told him what kind it was and explained what was wrong, he knew right off it couldn't be fixed (they stopped making them in 1984 and you can't get the parts anymore), and he told me that, explaining what had went wrong with the machine, so I didn't waste money having him come on a call-out just to be told. That kind of honesty is rare in tradesmen around here these days. Most will insist on coming out to have a look, knowing full well it can't be repaired, and then charge an arm-and-a-leg for the call-out. Fortunately I still have my little hand washing thingy, and it is only a 20 minute walk to the Laundromat for the big things (I don't own a car).
So now the fridge swap. After getting the old washing machine out, I got the new (2nd hand) fridge in, hoping it would go where the washing machine had been, because that is a MUCH better place for it. Then I would be able to swap everything out nice and leisurely, cleaning as I went. But - of course - the space was 1cm (1/2") too small, and no amount of pushing, shoving or yelling at it was going to change that. So now I had a fridge right in the doorway, very little room to move around (very small kitchen), and the only way to deal with it is to swap everything out from the old fridge, move the old fridge further down the kitchen to get the new one in its place, then get the old one out.
Now the kitchen is a diabolical mess, with dirty dishes piled everywhere, and containers of frozen "mystery stuff" from the back and bottom of the old fridge thawing on the counter so they can go into the compost. And I'm totally pooped from moving the washing machine and fridges around on my own! (Yes, I know Trish, I should have waited for Bill - but I honestly thought the new fridge would fit in the washing machine space!). 
Does anyone know where the reset button is for 2014? I'm calling do-over!

(Image from Housework Under Capitalism  by C. A. L'Hirondelle)


  1. OMGosh, You've had a bad start. We had one of those years. For the first 6 months..each month..one of our appliances broke beyond repair AND the drain to the sewer froze. All I can say is for sure tomorrow is a better day. Rest up....just in case.
    xx, Carol

  2. OMG, welcome to the world of unlucky women! I' ve had appliance problems and computer crashes galore. Found an ad that comes free to every resident on a weekly basis, for a washer with special discounts to first timers. I called him, he told me mine was a dead one, but could give $20.00 for it and sell me a used one for $60.00. I took his offer, that machine lasted me 3 years. That's about the only good deal I've had in my life.