Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Popular Pins and Harlequin Hits

Like so many people, I have a Pinterest account, with a variety of boards to sort the many, many pins of wonderful ideas that I want to do but probably never will. I even have the "Pin It" button on my toolbar so that I can pluck ideas off the internet as I browse - ephemeral scissors cutting out pretty pictures for my digital scrapbook from the planet-sized glossy magazine that is the Net.
But they are more than just pretty pictures. Somewhere, at some point, someone actually created those things. Ideas coming to restless minds in the middle of the night, tributes to people lost, memorials to events past, gifts for those close to the heart, labours of love painstakingly worked. Most of these things meant something to the people who made them - from the simple popsicle stick puzzle for toddlers, to the eco-house on the homesteading block that took a whole group of people to build. They were lovingly made, carefully documented in pictures, and proudly displayed. Shared with friends and family, and total strangers in the wider global community, on social networking sites, personal blogs, group newsletters, and online tutorials, eventually finding their way to someone's Pinterest board, and spreading out from there to a myriad of other boards.
20 weeks ago, I decided to do more than just collect other peoples creations, I decided to include my own creations. So I started a board called "Stuff Wot I Made - Personal", where I upload photos of things I have made for family, friends, and myself. As expected, there is a mild interest in it, mostly family and friends (the lovely, loyal people that they are), with the odd stranger (and by that I mean 'the odd number of strangers', not that the strangers are odd, although some of them might be, but then, so are some of my family and friends) - it has a whole 12 followers, and I'm cool with that. What did surprise me was the interest in one particular item. My Harlequin Afghan, a Tunisian crochet afghan that I made up entirely myself - no pattern. As of today, 20 weeks after uploading the photo, 100 people have repinned it (from my board - I don't know how many have repined it from those other boards). Surprising, wonderful, and gratifying. So, thank you to all, for taking an interest in my work.

My Harlequin Afghan

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