Monday, 11 November 2013

All Things Coffee - The making of a Treasury

Cathy is working hard trying to get all us CQIers who have Etsy shops organized to help promote our shops thru Treasuries - member-curated shopping galleries comprised of lists of up to 16 items. With Treasuries, the items are not supposed to be your own items. It is considered crass and the height of bad manners to use the Treasuries for self-promotion (there are plenty of other ways to do that). Hence, the getting together of a group of us to promote each other. It's a lovely, community-spirited idea.
I don't know how much my own shop will get promoted, as this is really a CQ thing, and I don't stock any CQ supplies (sheesh! I have a hard enough time getting them in the first place over here in NZ - I'm not gonna go selling them!), and I only have a couple of CQ finished items. My shop is more general handcrafts. But I like the idea, and am still more than happy to promote the shops of the other ladies in my CQ group. They all have such wonderful stuff.
Since I "signed up" to take part, I figured ... I had better figure out how this whole 'Treasury' thing works. So I created my first treasury. A themed one wrapped around my most favourite thing ever - the first thing I would horde in a Zombie Apocalypse, would gladly trade all my soap and toilet paper for, and would guard zealously wearing jackboots and toting a sawn off shotgun - coffee. Mmmmmm...... coffeeeeee!


All Things Coffee Treasury

"All Things Coffee" Treasury
I had lots of fun doing it, since it is one of those activities that caters to my obsessive need to organize and group things. I can see doing more in the future. Click on the photo, it will take you to the Treasury - there is more to coffee than just coffee.

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