Saturday, 4 January 2014

Molly's Block

I finished my two seams on Molly's block today - the 2nd of the Stitching Only 2013 RR (Rose Anne's Block was the first).

When I originally saw Molly's pic of the naked block, my first thought was 'undersea', and I planned my seam treatments accordingly. However, as the saying goes, mice and men and all that... By the time it reached me, it had passed thru Rose Anne's talented hands, and no longer had that 'undersea' feeling. Rather, it had taken on a decidedly 'Orient/India' feel. What came to mind then was 'peacocks and water lilies'.

For my first seam treatment I went with the idea of peacocks in a walled garden. The peacock tails are done in fly stitch with 2 strands of thread - 1 strand of blue DMC Jewel Effects and 1 strand of brilliant green Anchor Pure Silk, threaded together. These are then embellished with green sequins, and 'lapis blue with gold core' seed beads for the tail 'eyes'. The 'body' is made from a 3-bead loop of the lapis seed beads. Behind the peacocks is the 'garden wall', in herringbone stitch done with a beautiful azure blue vintage rayon ribbon. This is tacked down and embellished with little crosses, detached chain, colonial knots, and straight stitches all done in a rich chocolate brown Rajmahal Art Silk, and bright gold beads added. In front of the peacocks is 'the garden' - a vine border in chain stitch done in the brown Rajmahal, embellished with bead flowers made from the lapis and bright gold seed beads, and single bright gold beads.

For my second seam treatment I went with the idea of 'water lilies'. Two rows of chain stitch 'waves' were laid down with two strands of fine gold metallic thread. A strand of bright gold seed beads and faux pearls was added to each trough space between the two waves. The water lilies were formed with detached chain in a rose No.8 pearl, with a straight stitch of 2 strand of fuchsia cotton floss in the centre of each. The centre of the flower is a metallic pink sequin and a bright gold seed bead, with 4 single strand gold metallic thread stamen terminating in a bright gold seed bead each. Underneath the waves, emanating from under each peak, is a feather stich spray done in a single strand of pale pink DMC Pearl Effects, and pale pink 'pearlized' seed beads.

Yes, I noticed, I seemed to have a bit of a fetish for radiating half circles on this one. I think the waves and half circles were a subconscious echoing of Rose Anne's work - a way to tie all the work together. I hope Molly likes them.


  1. Oh Golly, Dana…..your work is extraordinary!!! just lovely…That block is turning out to be spectacular!

    in other words, very nicely done gals!

  2. The stitching is so creative and I love when the seams build to be so delicate and involved. Just lovely.

  3. So glad you posted these here, Dana, so I could actually SEE them...amazing!! Gave me new inspiration for some beautiful sequins I own.

  4. WOW! Fabulous job!!! Love both but the peacock one is terrific! Obviously you have no problem in combining stitches!

  5. Dana, No problem with me lovin this block, I do ,I do.. From the peacock look, which I wanted but forgot to mention..]to the Butterflies done in blue ribbon.thanks to all the ladies that have irked on my block..Molly.

  6. Gorgeous! I I loved your work with sequins, real eye-candy:))